Bra Mirror

Find a perfect suitable undergarment for you and provide you a new shopping experience

Digital measurement accurate and convenient
Know Your Size

One-click body scanning with automatic data post-processing.

3D Scanning increases efficiency and profitability as it takes precise measurements of an object or human body, which avoid incorrect or inaccurate measurement documentation due to human error.

Augmented Reality

Allow you to virtually try on various undergarments

The unique technology tracks a person’s body features and ‘applies’ clothes to your body via a camera’s video stream. Customers can try out multiple colors by tapping the color on the screen, and see how it looks from all angles . Giving the chance to preview products without trying them on physically.

With hand gestures

Simply get your accurate size and start shopping

Raise your hand to get start

Stand and hold for 5 seconds

mirror1 mirror2 hand

Detailed features

easy to navigate

It will only show items that fit your size. Description of features are shown to help you understand about your needs.

Virtually Try-On

Try on outfits without getting undressed

Bra Mirror shows how each garment fits you, how it drapes, and how its contours will appear when you wear it. It saves your time of physically putting every garments on.

User-friendly Cart

Just one tap to confirm

Each item's status are shown that you can know what size you are with each item. You can add or delete items easily.

Check Out with Phone

Wireless connect to BarMirror App

Download BarMirror App to keep your measurement record and pay the bill online with your phone!

screen garment garment cart-button checkout buy-button phone-screen
item-navigation item1 item2 blank mirror

See the whole picture with the BraMirror app

BraMirror App assists you to keep your personal data and help you to manage your garments
BraMirror calendar knows the date you purchased garments and remind you to change a new garment
Set a reminder to remind youself time to shop a new one
Shopping history allows you to know the date you bought a garment and the size of it
You can make a payment via your phone
The 3D scanning data is saved to your phone and you can check and update your detailed measurement
Through the chart you can know the changing size of your breast, waist, hip