“Skater oasis” is a collaborate interaction artwork, which recreates the pool backyard atmosphere for skaters to enjoy their moment and experience together. “skater oasis” encourages users to sit together, play together. When the users sit on the bench, the sensor will trigger, and the corresponding light effect would be activated. The concept complies with three […]

Project: Save Polar Bear Prototype Concept: This project ’Save Polar Bear’ is an IPad application which combines game and educational information to teach users the principles of global warming in a fun and engaging way. The project aims to increase primary school students’ environmental awareness, mainly focus on global warming. The target audiences focus on […]

Project: Bra Mirror Concept: BraMirror aims to find a perfect suitable undergarment for each woman without relying on the traditional measurement by hand. It combines the technology of 3D body scanning and augmented reality to take precise measurements of clients’ body, especially focus on bust, waist and hips. After it collects the data, the mirror will […]